Export AnalyticsAI results

This feature is only available with CaseWare AnalyticsAI, part of the CaseWare Cloud suite.

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You can export the analysis data for audit evidence.

Select the Download icon () from the top of the Results page, choose a file format from the Export Data Locally dialog and select Export.

Analytics.AI export data

Available formats are:

  • Analysis Summary (PDF) — outlines the tests that were run, including their descriptions, base scores and parameters. It contains:
    • Time Series Graph – Risk-to-Value of Transactions

    • List of Tests Performed

    • List of Accounts Influenced

    • Appendix A: Descriptions of Tests Performed

  • Results (CSV) — contains an ordered list of the risky transactions, along with total scores and test scores.
  • All Data (CSV) — contains all the information in the DB + Risk score. This can be used for further analysis, in CaseWare IDEA, for example.