Upload trial balance in AnalyticsAI

This feature is only available with CaseWare AnalyticsAI, part of the CaseWare Cloud suite.

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You must upload a trial balance for your engagement to reconcile your data on the Data Completeness page, and to be able to use Influencers.

To upload the trial balance:

  1. Select 0-3 Upload Trial Balance & Online Transactions from the Documents tab.

    The Data page displays.

    Trial balance import

  2. Use one of the available options to import the trial balance.

To import from an external platform:

  1. Select an account package from Import from the following platforms, for example, Xero.

    An import dialog displays.

    Xero Trial Balance Import

  2. Select Connect. A dialog similar to the following displays.

    Xero Login

  3. Enter your Xero credentials and select Log in. A dialog similar to the following displays.

    Note: Be sure to use the credentials for your Xero account in this step. Your CaseWare credentials will not work.

    Allow access to Xero file

  4. Select Allow access. A Trial Balance Import dialog similar to the following appears.

    Xero trial balance import

  5. Select Import.

    Your data is imported.