What's new - Cloud 31.0

Are you ready to streamline your organization's security? Cloud 31.0 features Single Sign-On, Xero integration and more.

Single Sign-On integration with Microsoft Azure

Cloud now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. SSO adopts three main principles that improve organization security:

  • Users credentials are never shared with the Cloud platform.

  • Administrators manage accounts access from a single location.

  • Reducing the number of passwords staff members need to remember.

Improved SmartSync file management

Cloud now supports additional SmartSync file management options - previously only available in CaseWare Tracker. Hybrid Cloud users can now bulk abandon sync copies and repair Working Papers parent files in Cloud.

Xero integration for Time and Expense

CaseWare Cloud Time now integrates with Xero, so you can export time and expense invoices from Cloud to Xero.

Improved release process

Cloud 31.0 features a secure automated release process to eliminate manual errors and decrease the deployment time.

General enhancements

The following general improvements are applicable to all regions. For updates specific to your region, please review the request ticket status or contact the CaseWare Cloud Product team.

License renewal

  • Admin users now receive a notification in Cloud seven days before their firm’s Cloud license expires.

  • If you attempt to log in to Cloud one month after your firm’s license expires, you now receive a message informing you that your subscription must be renewed.


When enabling two-factor authentication, your area code is now pre-populated in the Mobile Phone field.


A new view option Queries is now available, so you can only display queries in the page.

A screenshot of the Activities dropdown with the Queries view option selected.

Cloud Time

Here are the enhancements for Cloud Time.

Itemized invoices

  • Updates to write up/down allocation values are now reflected in the itemized invoice.

  • When copying an invoice, line item descriptions are now included in the copy.

Accounting software integration

Admin users can now enter zero days as a default payment term on the Accounting Software Integration page.


The following fixes are applicable to all regions. For updates specific to your region, please review the request ticket status or contact the CaseWare Cloud Product team.


Fixed an issue related to role assignments. If you assign roles to a user or a group on selected entities, they’re also assigned roles on all associated entities. Associated entities are now only shared if the Sharing Association option is enabled.


Fixed issues where,

  • emptying the Recycle Bin does not permanently delete files.

  • Working Papers SmartSync files display the synchronization hierarchy incorrectly.

  • you can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders, but only 50 items display on the page. A limit of 50 is set on the number of folders per entity and subfolders per folder that you can create.

Engagement files

Fixed an issue where non-admin users cannot drag-drop engagement files into the Recycle Bin.


Fixed an issue where contacts that have been created using the Create as a Client option cannot modify personal details.

Staff positions

Fixed an issue where the Position column and filter are still available on the Staff page when all positions have been disabled in settings.


Fixed an issue where you cannot edit or delete tags.


Fixed issues where,

  • the task status displayed on the Activities page is not updated for completed tasks.

  • the status of tasks and file requests is hidden if a due date is not assigned.

Cloud Time - Accounting software integration

Fixed an issue where you are unable to export invoices to Quickbooks when your Quickbooks account settings have no preferred invoice terms.

Deprecated features

The following features are no longer available in Cloud 31.0 release and onwards.

Advanced uploader

Due to an issue with Java applet, the advanced uploader in the File Upload dialog has been removed. Use the Select Files button or the drag-drop option to upload files

Working Papers settings - Import Client Files

Due to an issue with Java applet, the Import Client Files page in the Working Papers settings has been removed. We recommend using the Migration Manager to import bulk data from Working Papers.