View account transactions in the Data page

If your client has transactional data, you can view the transactions for each account.

To view account transactions:

  1. Ensure the trial balance data and transactions data are available.

  2. To learn more, see import the trial balance data and import the transactions data.

  3. Select Accounts from the left panel at the Data page.

  4. Select the account balance for the account that you want to view its transactions.

  5. Tip: You can select an account from the Preliminary column (current year data) or the Previous column (if you have imported prior year data). Accounts with transactional data display in blue.

    Select an account (from the ones showing in blue) to view its transactions. If you have imported prior year data, the Pervious column is available.

In the Transactions page, the opening and closing balances for the account transactions display at the bottom. You can also sort the data in each column in an ascending order or a descending order by selecting the column. An upward arrow () or a downward arrow () displays on the page to indicate whether the data is sorted ascendingly or descendingly.

Transactions for the REVENUE account. You can sort, search and filter data on this page. Notice the opening and closing balances at the bottom.

The drop-downs at the top of the Transactions page allow you to include more columns or indicators in the page and filter the data.

To view additional data in the transactions page:

  1. Select the Columns drop-down.

  2. A list of the available columns displays.

  3. Select the check box next to the column you want to view.

  4. Available options include:

    • Source
    • Date
    • Account Number
    • Entry Number
    • Description
    • Amount

You can also search the page by entering keywords in the Search field at the top. Matching results are highlighted and displayed once you start typing.

Matching results display once you start typing in the search field.

You can also filter the data on the page as desired. Select the Filters drop-down to specify a filter option:

  • At Dates, you can specify a date range (From and To) to filter the displayed transactions based on a desired date range.

  • At Amount, you can enter a range for amounts (From and To) so you only view transaction amounts within that range. You can also use the slider to specify the range.

  • At the Debit/Credit, you can filter the displayed transactions based on type. Available options are: Debit or Credit or All (both debit and credit transactions).

Filters drop-down in the Transactions page.

View transaction detail lines

In the Transactions page, you can select a specific transaction to view its line items. The page displays the date, account number, account name, description, debit amount and credit amount for each line of the selected transaction. The transaction entry number also shows at the top of the page along with the date.

Notice the blue navigation path that displays at the top. Use the navigation path to go back to the Transactions page for the selected account or the trial balance Accounts view page.

Detail lines for the Daily Sales Total Cash transaction (entry number 542).