Customize display options, formats and settings for your firm template

In the Product Settings window, you can change the default product settings for display options and formats. You can also enable and disable features to better suit the needs of your firm.

To access the product settings:

  1. Ensure that you have the Settings Admin role or similar. For more information, see Built-in roles and Assign security roles.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Settings () | <your product name> | Manage Template.

  3. Open the firm template.

  4. To learn more, see Edit the firm template.

  5. Select the Information icon () at the top menu, then choose Settings.

    The Product Settings dialog opens.

Add a currency

You can add a currency to your product to support additional currencies:

  1. Go to Format | Currency, then select Add currency.

  2. Enter the currency name in the text field to filter the list of currencies.

  3. You can also filter the list using the three-letter currency code from ISO 4217.

  4. Select the desired currency to add it to your product.

  5. You can also remove a currency from your product by selecting ().

Customize the date format

Go to Format | Dates and choose formats for long and short dates by selecting them from the drop-down lists. The formats you specify apply to dates in checklists, queries, trial balance, date field placeholders, engagement properties and formulas in text areas.

Customize the number settings

At Format | Numbers, you can customize the following settings:



Negative number format

How negative numbers display in your product:

  • enclosed in brackets ( (1,234,567.46) )
  • minus sign preceding the number ( -1,234,567.46 )
  • minus sign following the number ( 1,234,567.46- )

Decimal symbol

Whether to use a period (.) or a comma (,) as the decimal symbol.


How many decimal points your balances display.

Digit grouping symbol

Whether to use a period (.) or a comma (,) as your digit grouping symbol.

Digit grouping

How many digits are grouped together between digit grouping symbols.

Customize the font settings

Choose a font from the drop-down list at Fonts | Font Settings to change the default font for deliverables, such as letters, worksheets, financial statements and memos.

Customize the Financial statements settings

You can enable or disable the following settings for financial statements:

  • Using the new financial statements layout.

  • Having negative balances show between brackets.

  • Having zero values show as dashes.

  • Showing the account numbers in the Description column with the account name in dynamic tables.