What's new - AnalyticsAI 2019.8

This highlights the major changes since the last release of this product.

Configuration page improvements

When the dates in a data file don’t match the engagement’s dates, the Run tests on drop-down now appears on the Configuration page. You can run tests on:

  • All data
  • Current year

Additionally, the Save & Run Tests button is now called Run Tests.

Running tests on all data in AnalyticsAI

Style Improvements to Tagging Dropdown

These improvements have been made to the Import as dialog that appears when you are mapping an imported .csv transactions file:

  • The Select button has been removed. Now, simply click an available item in the list to select it.
  • The arrows that appeared beside each potential selection have been removed.
  • Unused properties that were visible during the transactions file mapping process have been hidden in this release.