Stay informed about staff activities and client engagements from your email. You can subscribe to various entities or items in CaseWare Cloud to receive email notifications on any or all changes. You can customize which notifications you receive from your personal settings, ensuring you get only the information you want. You will also receive notifications when you are assigned a task or mentioned in a discussion, and if your organization uses the Time app, you have the option to be notified about pending entries and unfinished timesheets.

By default, you’ll receive notifications when you’re assigned a task or mentioned in a discussion. These notifications help remind you of tasks and enable you to respond to questions promptly.

A notification about an assigned task.

You can also receive notifications when you subscribe to items in Cloud. If you’re working on a client engagement you may want to subscribe to their client entity to receive email notifications of any progress. You can also subscribe to individual items within the entity - such as a Working Papers file - to know when there is an update to the file. From your personal settings, you can enable or disable which items to receive notifications on.

Indiviual subscription settings.

System-wide notifications are also available; you’ll receive email updates for all your assigned entities. For example, as a manager you may want to know when a client invoice has been created in CaseWare Cloud. If you enable system-wide notifications for Invoices, you’ll receive an email every time an invoice is created in any one of your client entities.

System-wide subscription settings.

To learn more, see Change notification settings.