AnalyticsAI test results

Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar bij gebruik van CaseWareCloud AnalyticsAI, een onderdeel van het CaseWare Cloud-pakket.

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The Results page gives you an overview of the engagement’s transactions using different widgets.

To view the test results:

  • Select 2-2 Risk Analysis (Transaction Risk) from the Documents page.

See AnalyticsAI configuration for information on how to fine-tune your test results.


Click on the information in any of the widgets to display more information. The information shown in the widgets changes to reflect your selection. A filter tag also appears.

Risk summary

This widget ranks the transactions in terms of overall risk score.

AnalyticsAI risk summary

High risk exceptions

This widget shows transactions with a risk score that are grouped by test. The top four tests with the highest dollar amount display.

AnalyticsAI high risk exceptions

High risk users

This widget shows the top five users that posted transactions with the highest risk score.

AnalyticsAI high risk users


High risk journals

This widget shows the top five journals with the highest risk score.

AnalyticsAI high risk journals

Time series chart

Use the Time Series chart to observe the risk score and dollar value of evaluated transactions for the previous 13 months from the uploaded dataset. Hover over an item to display more information.

AnalyticsAI time series chart

Navigate a widget

Elements inside the widgets are clickable so that you can quickly filter on areas of interest. For example, you can click on High Score in the Risk Summary to isolate the riskiest transactions.

You can also scroll down the page to see a list of transactions, in descending order of overall risk.

AnalyticsAI transactions

Click on a transaction to see more details.

Click on a test button, for example Two Digit Benford’s Law, to highlight areas of concern. A brief description of the test also displays.

AnalyticsAI transaction details

Left panel

Click on any of the options in the left panel to quickly filter information shown in the widgets. A filter tag also appears to show your selection.

AnalyticsAI receipts


Use the Filter icon () to show more detailed filtering options.

Select the desired filter settings from here.

AnalyticsAI filter

Filter tags appear based on your selections and the contents of the Results page change accordingly.