Assign accounts to groups in the Data page

At the Data page, the Assign Accounts icon can sometimes show a red badge ( ) once you import the trial balance. This means that one or more accounts haven’t been successfully mapped to groups. The same happens once you manually add one or more accounts. Note that the red badge shows the number of unassigned accounts. For example, if there is one unassigned account, the badge shows 1 ().

Assign accounts page.

You must manually map unassigned accounts to appropriate groups so that your financial data populates correctly throughout the engagement.

To assign an account to a group:

  1. Select Assign Accounts icon () from the top right corner of the Data page.

  2. You can also select Assign Accounts from the left side panel.

    In the Assign Accounts page, the unassigned account displays at the Unassigned section. The application may also display group suggestions under Suggestions.

    Suggestions for account assignment.

  3. Select a group to assign the selected account to that group.

  4. You can also drag the account from the Unassigned section and drop it in a group to map it. You can also search groups using the search field. Note that you need to enter at least 3 characters in the search field for matching results to display.

    Search groups in Assign Accounts page.

Once you select a group, a message displays at the bottom to confirm the account assignment. You can undo the account assignment by selecting Undo button in the confirmation message.

Confirmation message after account is assigned to a group showing the Undo option.