Perform an engagement in CaseWare ReviewCompTax

Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar in CaseWare Samenstel.

CaseWare ReviewCompTax is CaseWare’s solution for small and mid-sized Canadian firms to perform Review, Compilation and Tax engagements while taking advantage of CaseWare Cloud’s collaborative tools and single sourcing. It features detailed guidance to direct you and your client contacts through each phase of the engagement.

Documents and content automatically populate in your engagement file based on the responses you provide in checklists and the client’s financial data. Engagement team members and all other stakeholders are therefore provided with content that’s relevant to the context of the engagement they’re working on.

As you work through the engagement, you can assign tasks and document requests to client contacts and staff members, all without leaving the RCT interface.

How to perform an engagement in CaseWare ReviewCompTax? Let’s take a look at a general workflow for a Review engagement.

  1. Start an engagement

  2. Perform the acceptance or continuance procedures

  3. Plan the engagement

  4. Perform fieldwork

  5. Conclude the engagement

  6. Archive and lockdown

To use CaseWare ReviewCompTax exclusively to complete a corporate tax return, see Perform a Canadian tax engagement.