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Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar bij gebruik van CaseWare Audit.

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In the completion phase of your engagement, you provide a report of the identified misstatements, evaluate the audit work performed, prepare the financial statements and upload the TCWG (Those Charged With Governance) and audit reports.

Complete the engagement workflow.

Provide the summary of misstatements

Complete the D100 Evaluation of misstatements identified document to provide a summary of misstatements. As with other forms, your responses in this checklist determine other documents that you need to complete. For example, if you select Procedure for the Preferred documentation question in the Changes to materiality for any revisions required section, you are prompted to update the A500 Materiality document.

When you complete the D200 Summary of Misstatements document, remember to ask those charged with governance to correct any misstatements not already corrected by management.

To learn more about posting adjustments, see Post adjustments to the trial balance.

Prepare the financial position and statement of profit or loss

The D400 Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Profit or Loss consists of the balance sheet and the income statement. U kunt de gegevens in het document reviewen en deze nog verder aanpassen of uitbreiden. To learn more, see Prepare financial statements for more information.

You can also customize the financial statements content or layout if needed.

Wrap up the engagement

Complete the D600 Audit completion checklist document. Based on the responses you provide in this document, you may also need to complete the following documents:

  • D605 Optimiser - Reporting checklist
  • D610 Reporting checklist
  • D615 Documentation checklist
  • D625 Checklist - Audit completion (Core)

As you complete the procedures, links to other required documents become available. In the following example, we selected Procedures as the response to Preferred documentation under Subsequent events. Notice the link to C135 Subsequent events (Core).

Audit completion