PBC - Vragenlijsten

Provided By Client (PBC) Requests is a Cloud Engagements product that’s exclusively designed to address staff-client collaboration tasks.

PBC Requests main purpose is to send requests for documents and information to clients, as well as receive them. For example, gather information from clients as part of the annual assurance engagement.

In PBC Requests, the following features are available:

  • The Documents page - to view and manage the engagement documents.

  • Queries - to create and manage client requests for PBC documents.

  • Checklists - to optimize the PBC deliverables and customize them based on specific client information, and details about the requests or inquiries that you plan to submit to the client.

  • Issues - to flag additional tasks that need to be completed to staff members.

  • Workflow status - to track and show the progress of the engagement.

The default content that comes with PBC Requests can be used in client collaboration cases that are part of a Canadian assurance engagement, however, it’s fully customizable.

Firms can customize the default content and have their own template. Staff members can also create and customize query documents. To learn more, see Manage the firm template and Customize a client request.

PBC Requests directly integrates with Working Papers to be used as an add-on to a desktop engagement file. To learn more, see Integrate your Working Papers engagement with a PBC Requests engagement.