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Other Engagements enables you to consildate all of your engagement files in Cloud.

We've added the Other Engagements engagement type so that you can manage all of your engagement files - such as TaxPrep files - from one place on CaseWare Cloud. To learn more, see Upload files to an entity.

Before Other Engagements, you could upload files from different accounting software packages to Cloud, but there was only limited support for managing them as engagements. An Other Engagement can support these files. When you create an Other Engagement, you can attach a file to it by either choosing a file from your local device or selecting a file that has already been uploaded to Cloud.

Once you have attached a file, you can enter the following information about it:

  • engagement type (e.g.: Audit, Tax, Business Services, etc.)

  • start and end dates

  • a deliverable due date

  • engagement budget

  • budgeted hours

You can also enter a description for the engagement and assign it to staff members.

When you go to the Engagements page, your Other Engagements are displayed there, and you can monitor their status. If you use the CaseWareCloud Time and Billing products, you can also record time entries in Cloud and assign them to the Other Engagement. By doing this, you can track engagement progress against your budgeted time and costs, and you can create invoices for these engagements in Cloud.

To learn more, see Opdrachtenpagina.