Integrated Time and Billing

Using CaseWareCloud Time, you can manage your organization’s billable hours. With Time, staff members with licenses can create their own time and expense entries, and accounts payable can use the entries to create invoices for your clients. To learn more, see Submit time entries and Submit expense entries.

List of time and expense entries

Time makes it easy for your organization to keep track of its costs. You can create a defined set of work codes and assign rates for your staff members. Then, when your staff members create their time and expense entries, all they need to do is select the appropriate work code, choose a client and enter their hours. Time automatically calculates the amounts and running totals for each client. Staff members can also add explanatory notes or attach copies of receipts for expense entries, ensuring that all relevant information is recorded. To learn more, see Set staff rates and work codes.

Time also makes it easy for you to bill your clients for engagement work. On the Billing page, you can review all work in progress amounts for your clients. When it is time to bill the client, you can create an invoice in a few easy steps, selecting transactions, applying write ups or write downs, and applying an appropriate invoice template. You can even email finalized invoices directly to your client contacts. To learn more, see Draft an invoice and Send an invoice to a client.

Time-Billing-all work in progress

Time is also integrated with other CaseWare Cloud apps and products. If you publish Working Papers files to the Cloud or use CaseWareCloud SmartEngagement, you can assign your time and expense entries directly to an engagement, making invoice creation even easier. If you integrate productivity tools like Google or Office 365 to your Cloud profile, you can also set Time up to automatically create time entries based on events in your calendar. This ensures that meetings in your calendar (as they relate to engagement work) will be recorded automatically. To learn more, see Automate time entries based on time in file and Automate time entries using your calendar.