Export AnalyticsAI results

Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar bij gebruik van CaseWareCloud AnalyticsAI, een onderdeel van het CaseWare Cloud-pakket.

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You can export the analysis data for audit evidence.

Select the Download icon () from the top of the RESULTS page, choose a file format from the Export Data Locally dialog and select EXPORT.

Analytics.AI export data

Available formats are:

  • Analysis Summary (PDF) — outlines the tests that were run, including their descriptions, base scores and parameters. It contains:
    • Time Series Graph – Risk-to-Value of Transactions

    • List of Tests Performed

    • List of Accounts Influenced

    • Appendix A: Descriptions of Tests Performed

  • Results (CSV) — contains a list of all transactions sorted by risk score, along with total scores and test scores for each transaction line.
  • All Data (CSV) — contains all the information for each transaction and its risk score. This can be used for further analysis, in CaseWare IDEA, for example.

Default naming convention for exported files

The default file name formats for the exported data files are:

Exported file type File name format
Analysis Summary (PDF) <year>_<month>_<day>_<entity>_AAi Summary.pdf
Results (CSV) <year>_<month>_<day>_<entity>_AAi Audit Evidence.csv
All Data (CSV) <year>_<month>_<day>_<entity>_AAi All Data.csv

Download reports to Working Papers

When you’ve generated the required test results, you can download them as a report to incorporate into your Working Papers file. The report can be downloaded as a CSV, CSV ASCII or PDF file type.

You'll need WorkingPapers 2020 or higher to do this.

To download reports to Working Papers:

  1. In the Cloud pane in Working Papers, select Documents | 2-2 Risk Analysis (Transaction Risk). The test results display.
  2. At the top-right corner of the Cloud pane, select the Download icon.
  3. Select a file type for the report (CSV, CSV ASCII, PDF).
  4. In the File Download dialog, click Add to download the report to the selected folder in the Document Manager.
  5. The New Document Link dialog displays. Confirm the document settings and click OK.

The report is downloaded to Working Papers and added to the Document Manager. You can move, modify or delete the document as required.