Assign accounts to groups in the Trial Balance page

Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar in de CaseWare Cloud Samenstel app.

In order for your trial balance to display financial data properly, you must assign your accounts to their associated groupings. This process is also known as mapping the trial balance.

Accounts are typically assigned automatically after an import. However, for accounts that can't be automatically assigned or belong to a unique group, you have to manually assign the account to the grouping.

When you manually add accounts to the trial balance or import them, you must assign the new accounts to the appropriate grouping for the financial data to correctly populate.

Een rekening toewijzen aan een groep:

  1. From the top menu, select Trial Balance.

  2. Select the grouping menu and choose one of the available grouping structures.

    The available groupings are:

    • Financial
    • Tax Code
    • Chart of Accounts
    • GIFI (only available for CaseWare RCT)
  3. Select the Assign Accounts icon ().

    Tip: If there are unassigned accounts in the data, the icon shows the number of unassigned accounts in a red badge. For example, if there is one unassigned account, the icon displays the number 1 in a red badge ().

  4. Select the account from the Unassigned column.

    The account now displays in the Selected Accounts column. Het is mogelijk dat er Suggesties worden gegeven aan welke groep de rekening gekoppeld kan worden.

  5. Selecteer de groep waar u de rekening aan wilt toewijzen.

    Tip: You can also drag the account from the Unassigned column and drop it in a group to assign. Gebruik het zoekveld om de groep te zoeken die u nodig heeft.

    Search and assign accounts

Your account is assigned to the associated group and the trial balance updates to reflect the new financial data.