What’s new - Data Analytics AnalyticsAI 2020.4


There are several changes to AnalyticsAI for this release.

Displayed currency

Currency symbols now show where currency amounts display in AnalyticsAI. For example:

Currency units in AnalyticsAI

Tip: You can change the currency symbol for your product from the Cloud menu () under Customization | Regional Settings.

Version visible in footer

The version of AnalyticsAI now shows in the footer of the RESULTS and CONFIGURATION pages.

Faster data analysis

Improvements have been made to analysis time and performance for large transaction sets.

Direct export to engagement file

A Save to Engagement function has been added to the Export option in the RESULTS tab.

Save analytics results to engagement

This dialog gives you the same files options as Download, with the added ability to save them to a specific folder in the engagement.

Save to engagement in AnalyticsAI

Data import changes

The ability to delete a saved data layout has been added to the SELECT DATA LAYOUT drop-down. A layout can only be deleted by the person who created it.