Navigate the Trial Balance page

This feature is only available with products on the CaseWare Cloud Engagements platform.

As your trial balance grows, navigating it can be time consuming. The Trial Balance page includes several options to filter data efficiently.

Filter the trial balance

You can filter data in your trial balance by account, group, and type of adjustment. You can also choose to show or hide indicators like annotations or materiality.

To change the trial balance view:

  1. From the top menu, select Trial Balance.

  2. Select the Settings icon ().

    Trial Balance

  3. Select one of the options in the Settings menu to change how your trial balance is displayed.

    Settings menu

If your engagement product has dimensions enabled, you can filter the trial balance by one or more dimensional categories.

To filter the trial balance by dimension:

Select the Filter icon (). Select a dimensional category to display only accounts that you have assigned to that category.

Filter By menu

View variance between periods

The Trial Balance page includes a Variance column that displays the current variance between each period of your engagement. You can use this column to help you determine if your engagement is balanced.

To view variance between periods:

  1. From the top menu, select Trial Balance.

  2. Select the grouping menu and choose one of the available grouping structures.

    Trial Balance

  3. Select the Settings icon (), then select the Variance checkbox to enable the column.

    Variance checkbox

Change the trial balance layout

While working in a consolidated engagement file, you can use the Consolidated Layout to view group or account balances across entities.

To change the trial balance layout:

  1. From the Layout drop-down menu, select Consolidated.

  2. Use the Display drop-down menu to select which entities to display.

  3. Use the slider to adjust the Description column width.

    Adjusting Description column in the Trial Balance