Finalizing deliverables

During the completion stage of the engagement, you need to finalize deliverables such as reports or financial statements. You will then need to distribute the report to the applicable recipients.

To ensure file integrity, there should be a stipulated date when the statements or auditor's report should not be manipulated or changed.

Converting Cloud Documents to portable formats

If you have done most of your draft report work on web documents such as Google documents or OneDrive documents, you can convert these documents so that they can be shared for distribution. With CaseWare Cloud, you can convert:

  • Web Documents and drawings to PDF format,
  • Web Spreadsheets to .xls format, and
  • Web Slides to .ppt format.

To convert cloud documents to portable formats:

  1. Ensure that you have the Editor role on the web document or equivalent privileges.

  2. Select the web document you want to convert.

  3. In the Details pane, select the More Actions () | Create Snapshot.

    Create a snapshot

  4. Enter a name and a description.

    Create Snapshot dialog

Downloading multiple files in .zip format

You may need to package multiple documents together to make it easier to send for distribution. With CaseWare Cloud, you can download multiple files and compress them into a zip file.

To download multiple files as a .zip:

  1. Ensure that you have the Viewer role for the files you want to download or the equivalent privileges.

  2. Choose the files you want to download, then select More Actions | Download.

    The Download button displayed in the File Summary pane.

  3. Enter a name for the .zip file and select OK.

    Enter a name for your .zip file

You have downloaded a group of files in a zip folder. You can now unzip the files and work with these local copies.

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