Integrate Q (the app) with Working Papers

This feature is only available with CaseWare Audit.

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If your organization has the Q app, you can integrate it with a Working Papers Audit Template to enable its functions.

To integrate Q with Working Papers:

  1. In Working Papers, select Tools | Templates to launch the Templates menu.

    Templates ribbon icon

  2. Select the template you want to integrate and click Edit. The template will open.

    Templates menu

  3. From the Home ribbon, navigate to the Insert menu and select From Library. In the drop-down menu, choose the template you are integrating.

    From Library ribbon icon

  4. Q must be added to the template. In the Document Library, expand the following folders to reach Q:

    • CaseWare Audit System Documents | Control Documents | Q - CaseWare Q

  5. Select Q and click Add.

    Document Library - Integrating Q

  6. Click Close.

The Q app is integrated with your Audit Template. You can now view progress on your Audit in Cloud by selecting the Q (Q) app

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